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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Remember, I am only responsible for what I say, not what you understand.
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Panalo! Shrimp with salty eggsperience sauce! #shrimp #foodporn #shrimpbucket 👍👍👍 (at Shrimp Bucket)

Beat the heat - basic black tea with strawberry syrup 💛 #starbucks #tea #strawberry #summer (at Starbucks Coffee)

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Rafa, can you get something going? Ugh, so stressed!

make me choose: lostdrews asked me steroline or stexi?

They keep hinting at this thing between Caroline and Stefan, yet they don’t quite do anything about it; it’s funny. I don’t know what to make of it … I don’t know how to take it from best friends to romance, but it’ll be interesting if and when they do it. I like when girls lighten [Stefan] up a bit.
Paul Wesley about Steroline (x)
MSN - Real Madrid celebrations at Cibeles | 17-04-14 



Gareth with Alba, Cuuuute ❤️


GB 11 , CR7 and Z.Z.