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Cristiano pointing at Bale after his goal like you’re getting it tonight

Real Madrid vs Basel (September 16, 2014) | Benzema 79’

Of all the 22 players on the field, there is only one who is still playing just like the beginning of the match, like there is no tomorrow : Cristiano Ronaldo. That is a true champion.
My commentor - 90th minute (via loveyoucristianoronaldo)

Cris & Luka before the second half kicks off | 16.09.2014

  • Roger Federer: Well, I've done the most with Rafa and lived the most with him. I've gone to dinner with him and I know his mum and dad and his sister - I kind of know his family the best as well so, yeah, our rivalry goes further back than the one I have with Novak or Andy and for that reason I probably feel closest and more connected to Rafa, for sure.

Working on a Sunday! Boss, uwi na please - May bagyo! (at 6805 Multinational Bancorporation Centre Ayala Avenue Makati)


Rafa’s fans hoping for word on his wrist like

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big 3 + #ALSicebucketchallenge

In recent years, my family has fallen into two clear camps: Federer and Nadal. My mother favors the former, as steady and beautiful as a Swiss timepiece, whereas my husband and I favor the latter. I like Rafa so much that I wrote him into my novel in two different ways, not even counting the fact that the book takes place on Mallorca, where Nadal is from. The creepiest thing I did was turn Rafa into a Spanish tutor and deliver him as a devirginating savior to my teenage heroine.

Requiem for Rafa: The US Open Needs Nadal | Rolling Stone

I wrote about Rafa Nadal for Rolling Stone.

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Roger Federer backhand porn (requested by fedwolves)

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